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Follow us on our journey as we learn to keep bees in Ontario.

Events in Spring 2020

Feeding pollen patties | Treat for varroa | Spring sugar feeding (if required) | Unwrapping hives

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Tales from the hive

Spring 2020 update

Spring 2020 update

 Hey Serendipibee fam, Crazy times we’re living in right now. Lauchie and I have been physical distancing for the last 3.5 weeks. Life is turned upside down, but we’re slowly getting used to the new normal. The one upside to COVID-19 is that we can continue beekeeping...

A tale of 18 stings

A tale of 18 stings

Last evening, while working in the bee yard, I did something foolish—actually a series of foolish things—that provoked a bee attack that resulted in 18 stings to my knees, butt and thighs. And holy mother on toast and jam, did it ever hurt—like snorting‑a‑gob‑of‑wasabi‑up‑your‑nose type of hurt (for the record, I’ve never done this, but I assume that it would produce a similarly intense burn).

Our honey is now available!

Our honey is now available!

Big week here at, folks. As many of you know already, we completed our first extraction of the year and our little buzzies blessed us with a generous bounty. To celebrate their hard work, we are making Serendipibee honey available to people in the...