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Beginner beekeeping

How to get started with honeybees.

Tales from the Hive

Follow us on our journey as we learn to keep bees in Ontario.

Events in Fall 2019

Final honey harvest | Treat for varroa | Fall sugar feeding (if required) | winterizing hive

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Give me yummy local honey!

Tales from the hive

First inspection of 2018

We had a beautiful, sunny day on Monday, so we took advantage of the weather to open up our hives. Here is a recap of our first hive inspection of 2018. We didn’t expect any surprises, but boy, were we wrong!

Our bees survived the winter!

Quick update, folks. We FINALLY had some nice weather this weekend and both hives are going gangbusters. That’s right, ladies and gents—both of our hives survived the winter! Let the spring time bee time fun commence! Boo‑yah! Happy dance! Waggles all around!  ...

28 stings later – Our first year as beekeepers

As we enter our second year, we thought it would be a good time to sit back and reflect on some of the lessons learned during our first year as “beeks”. And in no particular order, this is what surprised us the most as new beekeepers: