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How to get started with honeybees.

Tales from the Hive

Follow us on our journey as we learn to keep bees in Ontario.

Events in Spring 2020

Feeding pollen patties | Treat for varroa | Spring sugar feeding (if required) | Unwrapping hives

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Swarms to date

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Give me yummy local honey!

Tales from the hive

Wintering bees in Ottawa

Wintering bees in Ottawa

The season of never‑ending darkness is upon us and to celebrate (cope with?) the change in weather, Lauchie and I have been busy getting our bees ready for the long, cold Canadian winter.

Robber bees

Robber bees

Late in the season, as the nectar flow dries up, honey bees face a brand new challenge—Robber bees. This new threat spells trouble for weaker hives.

Oh, Honey!

Oh, Honey!

Oh baby! We are flush with honey! When we started beekeeping, we were told not to expect honey the first year. Bees are focused on building comb and stocking up for the winter during the first year, so there often isn’t an excess of honey that can be extracted. If it...