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Feeding pollen patties | Treat for varroa | Spring sugar feeding (if required) | Unwrapping hives

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Tales from the hive

It’s a queen bee bonanza!

It’s a queen bee bonanza!

On July 12, 2017,  we successfully re-queened Sunshine hive with a new Carnolian queen, Lola, courtesy the Ottawa Community Beekeepers (OCB).

The bumblebee special

The bumblebee special

Ever wondered "what’s the difference between a honeybee and a bumblebee?" It’s a valid question. There are several qualities these bees share as pollinators, but there are also some marked differences. In particular, bumblebees and honeybees differ in the way they...

Holy queen cups, Batman!

Holy queen cups, Batman!

This was interesting enough that we decided to post a short update on Sunshine hive's progress. What do you think of their handiwork?         Those long peanut shaped things sticking out from the frame are queen cups...lots and lots and lots of...