About our hives

Blue Skies Hive


Started: May 2017

Current queen: “Jasmine”, Carnolian, Mated, 2.5 years old

Current hive size: 2 deeps & 1 medium super

Hive personality: Hardworking. Steady. Calm.

Past queen(s): “Gloria” (2017)

Lbs of honey in 2019

Sunshine Hive


Started: May 2017

Current queen: “Catalina”, Carnolian, Mated, 1 year old

Current hive size: 2 deeps, 1 medium super

Hive personality: Total rock stars. Unruly. Industrious. Rebellious.

Past queen(s): “The sunshine queen” (2017), “Lola” (2017-2018)

Lbs of honey in 2019